Triton Research and ISPRA: the workshop on marine species

On April 9th, the European workshop of the LIFE Conceptu Maris project took place in Catania....

On April 9th, the workshop co-organized by Triton Research along with ISPRA and IMPEL, titled “Common Guidelines for Systematic Monitoring of Cetaceans Using Ferries/Cargos as Scientific Platforms” took place in Catania. The activity is part of the IMPEL EU Marine Transborder Transects project and LIFE Conceptu Maris, coinciding with the annual conference of the European Cetacean Society (ECS). During the meeting, various approaches used in Europe to monitor large pelagic species were examined, utilizing ferries both as observation platforms and research laboratories.

In the following days, from April 10th to 12th, other partners of Conceptu Maris participated in presenting the latest project developments. Among these, there were studies focused on the most critical areas for the conservation of cetaceans in the Mediterranean and the distribution of key species. Additionally, as part of the movie night on April 11th, the film “The Information Chain” was screened. This film documents the field data collection conducted by Conceptu Maris, produced by Triton Research in collaboration with project partners.

To view the full program, please visit the website of LIFE Conceptu Maris


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