Triton Research's business is like a network
Each strand is an independent campaign, but always connected to all the other aspects necessary to understand the ecosystem as a whole and how it works. The support and coordination of communication, the choice of new ways to disseminate science are the strengths of Triton Research which, with its team of experts, will leave the usual path of traditional communication.

Environmental Communication and Science Outreach

At the heart of Triton Research is the importance for science communication and outreach.
Raising public awareness is the first step in generating greater environmental awareness and inspiring virtuous and synergistic actions. Triton offers you specialised advice to support your organisation in implementing effective environmental communication strategies.

Design and development of projects related to nature conservation

Triton Research helps you to develop and write winning and innovative project proposals, aimed at preserving marine habitats and species, as well as generating positive impacts on the territory and ecosystem services. We operate both nationally and internationally and, thanks to a multidisciplinary team, we develop projects that are sustainable from an environmental, social and economic point of view. We specialise in European LIFE investment programs and other national funding bodies.

Project Management & Coordination

With many years of experience in coordinating and managing partnership projects, Triton helps you manage and monitor your projects successfully, achieving tangible results. We work with you to define the objectives of the project and develop a solid technical management strategy, through reporting, monitoring and final evaluation.

Collaborate with us

We are interested in collaborating with public and private entities, as project partners, subcontractors and providers of communication, scientific dissemination and project coordination services.

In particular, we are willing to participate in European LIFE projects for nature, environment and climate, Horizon 2020/Europe, Interreg, and EMFF calls as associated/partner beneficiaries or as subcontractors, putting our skills and means at the service of the partnership also in the field of European planning.

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