About us

Triton Research Srl

Triton Research S.r.l. is a company that works enthusiastically on the issues of environmental and scientific culture, engaging in various areas for the dissemination and awareness of biodiversity and marine ecosystems.
The Society was established by researchers and professionals working in the fields of sustainability, life sciences and marine biology for conservation and dissemination purposes.

Triton's mission is to tell the story of the biodiversity of the sea with scientific rigour, but with a simple and innovative language, using tools and messages suitable for various audiences, to guide the community towards more responsible behaviour towards the environment and the planet.

Triton's activities also extend to other initiatives and collaborations, aimed at promoting awareness and knowledge on the importance of adopting more sustainable behaviours to preserve marine ecosystems and its resources.

Triton Research contributes to the ecological transition processes through the promotion of collaboration between different actors, public awareness and the creation of well-organised projects.

This synergy leads to a greater awareness of marine ecosystems, promoting the conservation of these precious habitats and the promotion of virtuous and sustainable development.

Scientific outreach
We use creative tools and means of communication to disseminate scientific knowledge about biodiversity and marine ecosystems. We organise and participate in conferences, workshops, and produce informative content that is accessible to different audiences, including television programs, online videos, popular articles, and awareness campaigns.
Collaborations and partnerships
We work closely with research institutes, public bodies, marine protected areas, associations, and other companies specialised in the field of ecological transition. Through these collaborations, we share knowledge, resources, and expertise to promote conservation and sustainability actions.
LIFE Projects
We are actively involved in projects funded by the European Union under the LIFE programme for the protection of marine biodiversity. These projects aim to protect critical species and habitats in the Mediterranean Sea, adopting innovative and sustainable approaches. Our participation includes monitoring, scientific research, awareness-raising and involvement of local communities.
Community awareness and engagement on environmental culture
We are strongly committed to raising awareness and educating local communities and the general public. We organise interactive creative events and activities, such as competitions and photo exhibitions, to engage people in the protection of marine ecosystems. In addition, we promote the importance of sustainable choices and offer practical information on how to adopt eco-friendly behaviours in everyday life.

Board of Directors

A young, motivated team with high-level professional profiles
whose primary objective is to increase awareness and
protection of biodiversity and the sea.

Luigi Grandi
Alessandro Violi
Chief Executive Officer


Stefano Picchi
Executive Director
Antonella Servidio
Project Manager
Diego Mattioli
Project Manager
Raffaele Grandi
Project and Communication Manager
Francesco Tomasinelli
Communication Manager
Giulia Luzi
Junior Project Manager e Project Assistant
Eleonora Ledda
Junior Communication Manager
Alessandro Midlarz
Communication Manager
Angelo Mojetta
Scientific Advisor
Costanza Viglianisi
Project Assistant
Maria Stella Scordo
Project Assistant