LIFE A-MAR photo contest 2023: the Winning Shots!

The jury of Triton has selected the most representative photographs of the LIFE A-MAR NATURA 2000 photo contest...

The jury has selected the most representative photographs of the first edition of the photo contest of LIFE A-MAR NATURA 2000, promoted by Triton Research that, thanks to the synergy with the projects LIFE CONCEPTU MARIS and LIFE PINNA, has obtained a large number of requests for participation with hundreds of interesting photographs.

Below the podium of this first edition of the photo contest of LIFE A-MAR NATURA 2000:


Gabriella Motta wins in first place, with the amazing shot of the ocean sunfish Mola mola surprised at the moment when it is emerging from the waters of Pelagos, the Cetacean Sanctuary, about to eat a wonderful Velella velella, also called Saint Peter’s boat, whose bluish sail is clearly seen entering the mouth of the ocean sunfish.



The second place is by Elia Biasissi whose photo portrays the common monkfish Lophius piscatorius, in Capo Noli in the marine site Natura 2000 Fondali Noli – Berbeggi (Savona) in waters not too deep. Impossible not to appreciate the sophisticated camouflage of this predatory fish.



The third place goes to the three kentish plover Charadrius alexandrinus, most likely a mother with chicks, a threatened bird that nests in the European coasts. The subjects were portrayed on the beaches of the marine site of Torre del Cerrano by Matteo Ferretti. From the image you can catch the attention of the author not to get too close and hold a low point of view, a non-invasive and respectful behavior towards the most sensitive fauna, which LIFE A-MAR hopes and promotes.


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