The Triton documentaries finally available

The LIFE PINNA and LIFE CONCEPTU MARIS projects told through videos, now published on the 'Triton World' YouTube channel...

Triton Research has produced documentaries describing the objectives and challenges of the two ambitious projects LIFE Pinna and LIFE Conceptu Maris, funded by the European Union’s LIFE program. Both documentaries tackle the challenging battle for marine conservation in the Mediterranean, focusing on the protection of iconic species such as cetaceans, marine turtles, and Pinna nobilis, the largest bivalve mollusk in the Mediterranean. Additionally, both films highlight the invaluable role played by the scientific and public communities in the fight to safeguard these precious creatures, demonstrating how scientific research and public action are essential for preserving the richness of our marine ecosystem.

mix pinna conceptu (3)

In the LIFE Pinna documentary, the complexity of the project in facing a still poorly understood disease is highlighted, while in the LIFE Conceptu Maris documentary, the relentless negative impact of human activities on the seas is highlighted, which continue to cause damage to marine flora and fauna. Ultimately, these documentaries offer the opportunity to educate the public through spectacular images of our seas, inspiring concrete actions aimed at protecting the underwater environment.


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