The Triton Cup on May 26th

This spring will see the first regatta dedicated to marine and coastal sites protected by the Natura 2000 network....

Born within the LIFE A-MAR NATURA2000 project, the Triton Cup stands out as the first regatta dedicated to enhancing the marine and coastal sites protected by the Natura 2000 Network. The project team, composed of passionate professionals in the environmental and scientific sectors, is committed to communicating clearly and innovatively, actively involving the public in the protection of the sea and the conservation of marine biodiversity.

Through clear and simple communication, driven by scientific rigor, the partners of LIFE A-MAR NATURA2000 aim to help us discover the countless wonders that our coasts and seas offer. This constant and enthusiastic commitment translates into effective awareness of environmental issues, stimulating direct involvement in the protection of marine ecosystems.

Furthermore, the Triton Cup is not just an opportunity to celebrate and protect the natural treasures of our seas but also a chance to promote inclusion and integration. The passion for the sea and awareness of the essential role of its inhabitants will be conveyed through inclusive sports activities: the regatta includes specific sea therapy activities to involve even the most vulnerable groups in sailing.


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