The production of Triton videos continues

For the LIFE Conceptu Maris and LIFE Pinna projects, Triton Research continues with the production of video clips....

In the context of the LIFE Conceptu Maris and LIFE Pinna projects, Triton Research is continuing with the production of video clips that, in just a few minutes, aim to narrate the projects to the general public. New content has been published on the Triton World YouTube channel, allowing viewers to delve deeper into various project themes and, above all, discover the initial results achieved

Also in progress, and soon to be available, is the first official documentary of the LIFE Conceptu Maris project that Triton Research has been working on for months. It will be soon accessible on all project channels!

Video operator from Triton Research, engaged in the filming of the LIFE Conceptu Maris documentary - Photo: Francesco Tomasinelli


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