Great success for the first Triton Cup LIFE A-MAR NATURA 2000 regatta

On Sunday, May 26th, the first Triton Cup LIFE A-MAR NATURA2000 took place in the beautiful Cala de’ Medici, one of Italy's Blue Flag sites...

On Sunday, May 26th, the first Triton Cup LIFE A-MAR NATURA2000 took place in the beautiful location of Cala de’ Medici, one of Italy’s Blue Flag sites. The regatta registered over 50 entries! About 500 sailors participated, and 60,000 people became aware of the initiative thanks to press releases published in the national press, on social media, and in the news from Giornale della Vela.


It was an opportunity to learn about some of the marine sites in Tuscany’s Natura 2000 Network, essential for the conservation of local fauna and flora. Among the largest are the Site of Community Importance (SCI) IT5160021 – “Protection of Tursiops truncatus” and the “Pelagos Sanctuary,” the only international marine area dedicated to the protection of marine mammals and their habitats in the Mediterranean Sea!

The initiative was an opportunity to raise awareness about the Natura 2000 Network and sustainable practices for our sea, as well as to promote inclusive sports activities. In fact, this initiative was the first of the “Sea Therapy” project in collaboration with the pediatric oncology department of the Policlinico di Modena, which offers rehabilitation programs by combining the beneficial effects of sports practices with the advantages of spending time at sea immersed in nature.


The boys and girls included in the program had the chance to spend two days at sea and participate in the regatta aboard the Oceanix and Lampo boats, accompanied by exceptional guests such as BBC documentarian Matthew Skilton, FAO researcher Matt Bjerregaard Walsh, and Skipper of the Year Dario Noseda.


Given the success of this first edition, we look forward to organizing the next regatta in 2025.

We warmly invite you to participate in future editions of the Triton Cup!


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